Private Trust

Private trust is a trust created for the benefit of individuals other than a public or charitable purpose. It is created for the financial benefit of one or more designated beneficiaries rather than for the public benefit.  

At Meristem Trustees, we aid Individuals manage their assets through:

We appreciate the gloom which may come from putting pen to paper to write one’s own Will. Our Living Trust services help reduce this gloom by ensuring that your assets are transferred to your loved ones whilst you are still alive and that same is done without the delay and publicity associated with wills and probate.
We ensure safe deposit of assets, securities and other documents on behalf of our clients. We also act on behalf of our clients in circumstances where a client requires that his identity be undisclosed.
Most people are concerned about what becomes of their loved ones and their estates after death. They are worried about family stress, misuse/abuse of inheritances, and warring family camp and thus appreciate an opportunity to appoint an independent and reputable corporate entity as their Trustee to take charge of their estate and administer it in line with the provisions of their Trust Deed. We ensure that the individual’s wishes and desires as reflected in a will are adequately protected and executed after his/her death.
We administer the Estate of someone who died intestate (i.e without a will) and ensure equitable and fair distribution of the assets among the beneficiaries.
We design and manage trust funds for specific purposes, for instance the education and training of the client’s children to any desired level. We also manage Endowment Funds, Charitable trust and Educational Foundations thus ensuring that our clients’ philanthropic desires continue in perpetuity even after their death.