Many organisations resort to borrowing from banks to finance their various need. These facilities are usually granted by the banks when an acceptable collateral or asset is provided by the company.

Often times a company will give as collateral an asset which value far exceeds the total credit being sought, thus locking down the asset with that bank.

The Meristem Multi-Use allows a company to secure credit (up to the total value of the collateral) from more than one bank using the same asset as collateral.

Principal Targets- corporate organisations.


The Give Back Trust has the following features and benefits:

  • Use of a single asset to secure credit from more than one bank.
  • Bureaucracy free negotiation.
  • Assets are insured.
  • The company escapes the single-obligor limit which most banks have.
  • Avoidance stringent and varied demands of various lending banks.
  • Cost savings through utilization of one trust deed.