Meristem Inheritance Trust

Most people are too preoccupied with growing their wealth to make concrete succession plans. The result is that estates/assets which should pass on to generations are lost or at best inherited by those who ordinarily should not be beneficiaries while the families are torn by strife.

Our Inheritance Trust is structured in such a way as to eliminate the strife, unending litigation, confusion etc most commonly associated with survivors of a person who dies leaving behind a Will or one who dies without any plans at all. It is a return generating gift.

Principal Target- individuals with assets and families


The Meristem Inheritance Trust has the following features and benefits:

  • No probate is required
  • Involves a combination of asset classes- real estate, cash, shares, jewelry, etc
  • Returns are earned from assets under the Trust
  • A structure that transfers ownership to the beneficiaries via the trustee.
  • Saves cost of probacy.
  • Confidentiality
  • Ensures the professional administration/management of your estate.
  • Eliminates the issue of challenged wishes commonly associated with Will making.
  • Assets are shielded from any creditor.
  • Avoidance of Estate Tax.