A major challenge faced by most Nigerian living abroad is having a reliable and capable “person” in Nigeria that can coordinate and ensure that their investment instructions are carried out effectively.

Often times, the so called “trusted” people to whom funds are remitted to in Nigeria either lack the capacity/skill to perform or divert it for personal use.

Meristem Diaspora Investment Trust is aimed at ensuring that Diaspora Nigerians execute projects/investment of their choice in Nigeria successfully whilst still residing abroad.


Meristem Diaspora Investment Trust has the following features and benefits:

  • It is a Trust Service directed at Nigerians in Diaspora.
  • Diaspora Nigerian appoints Meristem Trustees to oversee the investments with the aim of ensuring performance.
  • Investment is undertaken in line with client mandate/instruction.
  • Investment will be managed by a team of investment experts.
  • For real estate [Land purchase or building construction] such will be undertaken and carefully supervised by MTL leveraging on other professionals.
  • Where the client has professionals working on his/her project, such will be coordinated by MTL and fund will be held in trust on behalf of the client.
  • It relieves settlor of any stress and anxieties often experienced in undertaking investment at home while abroad.
  • The investment is assured in line with your desires.
  • Flexible exit option
  • Arrangement is backed by a legal document “Trust Deed”.
  • Conversion of prospect - Signing up (completing the online form and providing details for the provision of a Trust Deed).
  • Provision of personal identification documents amongst other related documents (to be scanned and attached in the sections provided in the form).
  • Investment is undertaken in line with client mandate/instruction.
  • Execution and registration of Trust Deed.
  • Commencement of execution and reporting.
To open a diaspora investment trust account, kindly signup with us and provide details for provision of a Trust Deed through the link provided below. kindly scan and attach the required documents before submitting the online form. Should you require further assistance in completing the form, you can reach us on +234-1-4488260, Monday to Friday (9am – 6pm GMT).