THE Kiddies Education Assured Trust

A major desire of an average parent is to ensure that his/her child gets the best education in a good institution either locally or abroad.

One of the problems often faced is funding. It is common knowledge that saving towards realizing this desire is always very difficult in the face of other pressing financial needs worse still where such parent is incapacitated (loss of job, accident or death).

Principal Target- Parents and Guardians.


The Kiddies Education Assured Trust has the following features and benefits:

features and benefits

  • A seamless machinery for actualising ones philanthropic desires.
  • The Trustees will work with the Settlor (Parents) in determining an institution and also in preparing a plan that suits the Settlor cash flow either monthly, quarterly, yearly or one-time lump sum plan.
  • It is managed as a separate account thereby shielding it from other account or to meet daily unintended expenses of the Trustees.
  • It combines trio unique benefits of Insurance, Trusts and Legal.
  • It incorporates life and disability insurance cover to ensure completion of education in the event of death or disability.
  • The Fund is free from probate in the event of settlors death
  • It relieves Settlors of any cash strain that is normally experienced during school resumption months.
  • It gives parents the opportunity to give their children the best education by sending them to the school of their choice.
  • Education of the children is assured in the event of any adverse developments.
  • Flexible exit option